The Tsenglap Tribe of North Wahgi

Hello and Welcome to the Website of Tsenglap Tribe. Tsenglap is a tribe inside North Wahgi Electorate of Jiwaka Province, Papua New Guinea. Tsenglaps are part of the bigger Mid Wahgi people and they speak the Wahgi language. Tsenglap Tribe comes under Banz Local Level Government (Banz LLG) Council of North Wahgi Electorate.

On this website we would like to introduce our Tribe to our online community. There is nothing significant about our Tribe, however for the purpose of achieving general knowledge and future Tsenglap generations, this is an ideal site where you as a Tsenglap should know about your origin and the organisation of clan system inside Jiwaka Province. The advent of the computer and the ever increasing advances in Science and Technology has gotten our young generation into a frenzy. Not very long and our young generation will forget about our tradition and values.

Tsenglap Karapka

So we have decided to put a little bit of history here where it can be easily accessable. Today's young generation do not want to spend time reading books. General trends in recent past has shown that our children like sitting behind a computer screen all day.

Carrying a reading book is something of the past. In Today's age of Mobile Phones and Laptop computers aided by powerful search engines like Google and Yahoo, you can have access to any piece of information on your fingertips any time at your convenience. If you are another Jiwakan or Papua New Guinean who might have heard about Tsenglap or had some encounter with the Tsenglap people we welcome you to read about our tribe. If you are just another visitor from cyberspace crawling around, we also welcome you. We hope you like reading some facts about our Tribe. Enjoy !

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